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I thought I was over this particular state of blah, but I appear to have had a recent relapse: the smell of cooking meat is suddenly making me ridiculously nauseated.  It makes it quite difficult to enjoy dinner at home these days.  I really, really hope the last ten weeks aren’t going to be all like this.  I’m not sure I could take that again.

Although I will say that Thai food is back on the menu, which makes me happy.  The Munchkin did not appear to be distressed by it on Sunday or today when I had the leftovers at lunch.  And might I just say that curry definitely gets spicier with each passing day?  Because it really, really does.  *laughs*

I never did update after our last doctor’s appointment.  I didn’t gain any more weight for the two weeks.  I passed my one-hour gestational diabetes test from last time around.  The Muchkin’s kidney vessels are more dilated now, but there’s still nothing that can be done before he gets here, so I’m just preparing to be induced a week or so early and hoping that surgery won’t be required when all is said and done.


I think I’ve found my food nemesis: tomatoes.

It explains my sudden difficulty with manwich and my sad, sad attempt at making chili tonight.  Got the beef browned, got the beans and spices in the pot, and then went to chop the tomatoes.  And thought I was going to be seeing dinner (which I also cooked; gooooo me!) for a second time.  I had to get Southern Honey to chop them for me.  But at least the chili got done; it’s on the stove simmering away for tomorrow night.

In hilarious news, I discovered that the cats love the taste of olive juice.  I sometimes indulge in a small cappuccino cup of olives to fix my craving for something salty.  Tonight was one of those occasions, and when I was done, I set the cup down on the floor.  Prometheus came over and started sniffing around it.  Next thing I know, his whole head was in the darned cup!  Tesla followed up that performance by sticking his own head in the cup and then rolling around on the floor like he’d had a bag of catnip or something.

I so thoroughly wish I had had a video camera.  (As Prometheus takes his place back at the altar of the olives and finishes off the juice.  *laughs*)

I totally just typed up and deleted an extraordinarily whiny post.  I think this being nauseated all the time is getting to me — it’s been a long week.

However, I had some yummy sushi today for lunch.  California rolls are the yum, not to mention what I’ve been craving for entirely too long.  It was nice to be able to fulfill the craving and not have it be for junk food.  I think I can handle craving California rolls.  Especially since they’re fairly cheap while being tasty.

I’m tempted to learn how to make my own sushi, but the ingredients are kinda cost-prohibitive, since I’m the only one who eats it, and you just don’t need much avocado to make a single Cali roll.

Hopefully this means the Munchkin will turn out to like all sorts of food if I keep eating stuff like this?  That might start to make up for the wanting to puke all the time…

Dear Munchkin,

If you could back off on the abrupt need to worship the porcelain gods, that would be great.  It was only that one time so far, so I can forgive and forget.  This time.  But let’s not have a repeat performance, okay?

Thanks, your loving incubator,


I keep meaning to post and then getting distracted by the cats or a ravening desire to EAT SOMETHING.

Seriously, I get hungry so much it’s ridiculous.  And I know I don’t actually need any more calories right now than I did two months ago, or not many more at any rate (you really only need about 300 extra calories a day, and most of that later in pregnancy).  So dear stomach, why are you tormenting me so???????  Why must you decide that if you don’t get fed right at five o’clock, you will rebel and make me sick?  What have I done to deserve this kind of treatment?

I would also like to request that morning sickness and hunger pangs feel just different enough that I know when I need to eat something substantial before I get to the “OMG, I’m so hungry I’m going to throw up” stage.

The morning sickness comes and goes (today it wasn’t too bad), and what I feel like eating seems to change daily.  Today, strawberries were the best food on the planet; I ate like half a pound sitting at my desk in the office; they’re totally going to know before I tell them.  For game night last night, the smell of sloppy joes about ran me out of the kitchen (but I got hungry and needed to eat; nobody else there knows yet, so I sucked it up).  The tiredness is pretty constant, though, as is the not sleeping terribly well.  There might be a correlation there…

We’ll be telling some other friends this weekend since we’re all going to the lake together and I’ve got to have some way to explain my need … my need to feed.  And why I won’t be faceplanting off any inner tubes like the guys.

I think I’m going to try to arrange to stop by my dad’s on the way back from my friend’s wedding next month and break the news in person.  I’d much rather do that than tell him over the phone.  And it will just be the day before my doctor’s appointment.

Wow, that makes it three weeks to my appointment!  I think I might be able to handle the waiting.  But it’s a long time to go with no real reassurance (other than moaning “Feeeeed me, Seymour!” in between bouts of nausea…) that things are moving along just fine.  I’m looking forward to it, though — especially since Southern Honey’s going with me, so we’ll be there together to hear the Munchkin’s heartbeat for the first time.  Eeek!  😀

Apparently my body can only accommodate a certain number of icky symptoms at once.  I can have a screwed up digestive tract, or I can have morning sickness.  Last week, the morning sickness kicked in but I suddenly found myself no longer needing Colace.

Today I was back to needing Colace, but at least I didn’t want to vomit everywhere.  I’ll take this trade after the last week!

Never fear,

the nausea is here.

It was something of a long morning, since every time I got the least bit hungry (aka, stopped shoveling food into my mouth), I had a burning desire to vomit.  Fortunately, I refrained and chugged a great deal of water — that kind of might have been a red flag to the guys.

I’m not sure whether to be amused at the fact that I totally called this happening or annoyed that I haven’t put anything in my mouth in the past couple of hours aside from some V8 Fruit Fusion — and that stuff is incredible — and therefore want to go hug the toilet.  I’m going to focus on being amused and extolling the V8 virtue to distract myself.