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Clean, clean, clean

Okay, not really, not yet.  It’s a bit early yet to get started on the nursery, but we have started discussing it in vague terms.  Right now the room holds the cats’ food and water, and it was our library.  Those seven-foot bookshelves were packed to the gills — and they weigh a ton by themselves.

Then, last week, Southern Honey got all motivated and stuff and started the move.  He got all the books off the shelves and moved the bookshelves to our bedroom.  All the books and some assorted electronics are scattered about the room still, but it’s more of a start than I’ve made so far.

End result?  A nearly empty room that we can mold to suit our fancy for the Munchkin.

Giant mess, view #1

Um, no, that's not Spiderman's head peeking out of the top of the photo, why do you ask?

Spiderman, Spiderman...

Hello, giant stack of books and random electronics!

It needs new blinds (the ones in there are broken and stuck in the upright position), probably paint (currently a boring beige like every other room), and cleaning out the closet (which is totally full of crap).  Not to mention figuring out what the heck we’re going to end up doing with it.  We saw some baby Looney Tunes crib stuff that we both liked, but we haven’t really gone looking that much, especially since we don’t know whether the Munchkin is a boy or a girl.  Whatever we do, though, I don’t want to go overboard so that we can change it up easily on down the line.

And whatever we do, we’ve made a start.


Too far?

I think I’ve decided on a Halloween costume now, but I’m going to have to bust my butt to get it done, I think.  Unless I get really lucky and find what I’m looking for at one of the Halloween costume shops.

I’ve joked a lot about how the Munchkin is hanging out in there and will pop out like the baby alien in “Alien,” but it was all fun and games.  Then I realized that it might just be the idea I’ve been looking for for Halloween, especially since I’ll be totally out of the baby closet at that point.   Only I’d want to use the alien from the end of “Spaceballs” instead — he wears a little boater and carries a cane and dances around the diner counter to “Hello, My Baby.”  I announced this to Southern Honey last night, so there’s no going back now (well, there is, but only if I suffer catastrophic costume failure).

Unfortunately, I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  I realized this when I got home tonight and started looking for photos of said alien.  Holy crap, is that a detailed piece of work (check here for an inspiration pic and the video — no, I don’t have that much cleavage *sighs*)!  And I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.  But maybe I’ll figure out a way to pull this off.  After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?  And how many other times in my life will I be able to legitimately pull off something like this?

I totally just typed up and deleted an extraordinarily whiny post.  I think this being nauseated all the time is getting to me — it’s been a long week.

However, I had some yummy sushi today for lunch.  California rolls are the yum, not to mention what I’ve been craving for entirely too long.  It was nice to be able to fulfill the craving and not have it be for junk food.  I think I can handle craving California rolls.  Especially since they’re fairly cheap while being tasty.

I’m tempted to learn how to make my own sushi, but the ingredients are kinda cost-prohibitive, since I’m the only one who eats it, and you just don’t need much avocado to make a single Cali roll.

Hopefully this means the Munchkin will turn out to like all sorts of food if I keep eating stuff like this?  That might start to make up for the wanting to puke all the time…

Dear Munchkin,

If you could back off on the abrupt need to worship the porcelain gods, that would be great.  It was only that one time so far, so I can forgive and forget.  This time.  But let’s not have a repeat performance, okay?

Thanks, your loving incubator,


Resident Alien

It’s like a combination of “Resident  Evil” and “Alien”!

Okay, not really.  I’m pretty sure the Munchkin isn’t moaning about braaaaaains… yet.  The Munchkin does, however, resemble that thing that popped out of John Hurt’s abdomen in “Alien” to a scary degree.  In fact, when we first saw the little picture on the ultrasound screen, that was what I said to Southern Honey: “See, I told you it’s going to just pop out of there like the thing in ‘Alien’!”  I think the poor tech thought I was crazy.  😛

It’s a good thing Southern Honey was paying attention on Monday when we were in the doctor’s office scheduling our next two appointments (the ultrasound on Thursday and the next OB appointment); I got the (very different) times completely mixed up in my mind, and we would have missed the ultrasound altogether if he hadn’t been paying attention.  Whoops!  Hello, Mommy Brain — wait, maybe the Munchkin IS a zombie, eating my brains from the inside!!

Anyway, everything looks healthy and all good in there.  We could see the Munchkin’s heart just thumping away (it’s like a hummingbird’s heart, it beats so fast!), and s/he was all tiny, wiggling arms and legs.  We could see him/her kicking and stretching.  It was absolutely amazing.

So, without further ado, here is the Munchkin at 10 weeks 5 days!  (Pardon the shadow bars; they’re from the blinds.)

Seriously, does it not look like that little mouth-area wants to eat something?!


I'm waving!

Hi, guys!

Why are you still here?


Hey, Munchkin!

Our first doctor’s appointment was first thing Monday morning.  That’s a bit early to be peeing in a cup normally, but I bought hot chocolate at McDonald’s (seriously, their new hot chocolate is really good — I’d choose it over Starbucks any day and generally do) and that took care of the problem.

Even though I was pretty sure I’d put on all sorts of weight — I’m starting to get a pooch that I can’t suck in — I haven’t yet.  I believe my words to the nurse were, “I love this scale!”

Everything else was normal: it was freezing and I forgot socks, the doctor went over our combined medical histories (Southern Honey’s family history of hemachromatosis was a new one for her), I got probed/poked/prodded, and I was ultimately glad I got up and shaved my legs in the morning.  Yeah, that last one is totally sad but true.  I think the pelvic exam (she went ahead and did a full annual since I was within a couple of months of needing one, so I’m free for a year, aside from all the OTHER trips to the doc I’ll be making between now and then) was an educational experience for Southern Honey — I don’t think he’ll complain about having to get the finger in a few years for a while.

The next-to-last thing we did was the doppler.  It took forever for the doctor to find the heartbeat — I was starting to get worried that either something was wrong or I was going to pee on the table by the time she got it.  The Munchkin was at about the top of the chart (about 160 bpm), taking after me, whose seated heart rate is often 80 bpm for some silly reason.  I got a little teary-eyed, but I didn’t cry.  It was great — such a relief to know everything’s going all right in there!

We scheduled our ultrasound for Thursday, since it’s done in a different part of the hospital.  I really can’t wait to see the Munchkin for the first time!

Southern Honey finally told his family and his best friend’s family.  Now I just have to make sure it doesn’t get out on Facebook too soon — they’re very Facebook-avid — because I’m not quite ready to spread the word that widely yet.  I’d like to get the rest of the way out of the first trimester first.

Share the Wealth

So, today being Grandparents’ Day and us being in the right geographic location, I decided to tell my dad the good news.  (Thanks, Hallmark, for making up a holiday that I could actually use to my advantage!  Never let it be said you didn’t do anything good for me.)

We almost had to cancel lunch, as my grandparents had something of an emergency (my dad and his siblings who live locally swap taking care of them, and today was part of my dad’s coverage), but it all worked out nicely in the end, even if it did take longer to get food than anticipated.  I’m a dork and wasn’t sure what to say, so when he came around the corner and I gave him a hug hello, I just said, “Happy Grandfather’s Day!”  He was like, “Oh, is it… Wait, does that mean…?”  I just grinned and nodded.

I think it made pretty much everybody’s day.

It was a nice ending to a long but fun weekend of mostly pretending I’m still a normal human being who just temporarily doesn’t like things like alcohol and naturally needs to eat every couple of hours to avoid turning into Godzilla.  *rolls eyes*  Don’t let it be said I didn’t go the distance for my friends, either.  😛

In all seriousness, the wedding was great.  The officiant went off the rails a bit at a couple of points on the whole September 11th thing, but it was otherwise a really lovely ceremony.  I spent the whole first half trying not to cry at how wonderful it all was and the second half trying not to cry over how much my feet hurt.  Stupid high heels…  I haven’t worn any for any appreciable length of time since I got pregnant, and I totally paid for it.  Even with Dr. Scholls inserts.

And what better way to cap off a great weekend than with a doctor’s appointment first thing Monday morning?  I normally wouldn’t say such a thing, but I’m really excited about it, and I’m not ill, so yay!

Thank you, Labor Day

Oh how I love long weekends!

This particular long weekend has been fantastic: hanging out, being lazy, gaming, sleeping, being woken up by gunfire Monday morning…

Okay, so that last one wasn’t really pleasant.  I’m still not sure what somebody wanted to put holes in so badly, but it continued on and off all day.  They were determined, I’ll give them that!

I went to game night, with the hated (by my stomach, apparently) Manwich, and survived.  I had some leftover chicken nuggets instead.  I’ll be so glad when I’m out of the pregnancy closet and don’t have to make excuses for why I’m not eating stuff I can’t handle!  Oh, and I kicked some serious butt at game night; the tank’s gotta have a good night from time to time, right?  😀  It made up for not being able to go to Dragon*Con this year.

Also, new craving?  At least a new thoroughly satisfying food: spaghetti with garlic parmesan sauce.  Throw in some broccoli or spinach and voila!  A complete meal.  I’ve had it the past two nights, and it’s settled so well that I think it’s going to become my new best friend.

I realized tonight in the kitchen that in less than a week we’ll be at the doctor’s office hearing the Munchkin’s heartbeat for the first time.  Wow…

Of tailgates and pedicures

It’s a good thing that Southern Honey doesn’t really care for football and that we’re not back in our college town anymore.  I suspect that hungry preggo me and tailgating would be much, much too good friends.  It would be all downhill from there…

Instead, now that I’m back from what was supposed to be a “get ready for the wedding” trip into town that turned into “get a mani-pedi and then book it home because it took 2 1/2 hours and I had planned on getting this AND a trip to the store done before I got ravenous,” it’s just me on the couch with my cinnamon applesauce (yum!) and some Cheez-Its.  Which is much better than me with hamburgers, chips, cheese dip, and all the other goodies normally associated with a day spent worshiping the pigskin gods.  Especially since I’ve put the Cheez-Its aside.

I did learn a valuable lesson today at the beauty school: never travel without something to drink and a snack.  No matter how short you think the trip might be, it will end up taking longer, and the preggo will get hungry.  That is not a good thing.

At least I learned my lesson: don’t go to the beauty school at the beginning of the month and expect to make it out in anything resembling a reasonable time frame.  It was absolutely packed, and they don’t do a good job of keeping things moving, hence the 2 1/2 hours necessary to get my toenails and fingernails done.  Plus they don’t have dryers for nails, so it took about two seconds after my fingers were finished for me to screw them up because they were still wet.  I guess that’s what you get for $6.  Oh, and they’re also still learning a thing or two about professionalism, so don’t be surprised to hear them badmouth other customers in front of you.

Come to think of it, maybe the lesson really was: Don’t go to the beauty school, as it’s not worth the money it saves you.

At least my toes look good.  Although I still have to go back into town tomorrow to get a headband and a clutch, since I ran out of time today.

Also, I really, really want some spaghetti for dinner, but I’m not sure that I have any sauce.  Lame.  Thanks, Olive Garden commercials.  😛  Maybe I’ll throw some chili on top and call it a day.

Weekend Update

My apologies for the lack of posts recently.  We’ve been out of town for a bit, and I really haven’t felt too much like writing.  Plus, what really interesting things happen at eight-ish weeks pregnant?  It’s all morning sickness and constantly full bladders, and not much else.  But now I’m back and in a more “sharing” mood, so I thought maybe I’d write a post.

Southern Honey and I went to the lake this weekend with some friends.  Oh man, it was so much fun!  We spent almost two days hanging out on the water on a rented pontoon boat, swinging in hammocks (my favorite part), tubing on the lake, and playing board games into the wee hours of the morning.  Not to mention watching the bass jump out of the lake in our wake — I got one on film, actually, in the background of one of the girls tubing.

I’m still curious as to what would have happened had one of the fish jumped out of the water and into the tube with someone…  Sadly, I suppose I’ll never know. 😛

In other news, the Munchkin is totally screwed — with all the South Park we’ve been watching lately, the poor kid is absorbing some totally horrible stuff in utero.  😛  Hopefully not too much sinks in when you’re the size of a raspberry.

Progress: I cooked last weekend.  Admittedly it was just granola bars (which Southern Honey has taken to calling “granuloma bars” — apparently he thinks I’m trying to feed him cancer) and peanut butter rice crispie treats, but it was progress.  Maybe this weekend I’ll manage an actual meal.

The morning sickness has been ephemeral this week.  One day I’m on top of the world (Monday) and the next I’m thinking that maybe puking wouldn’t be so bad after all (yesterday).  Then there are the in-between days, like Tuesday, when I just have this vaguely blech feeling hanging around all day.  It’s gotten better, though, and I’m hoping it just continues to improve.

Tomorrow I’m going into town to get a mani-pedi and to pick up a clutch and a cute headband for the wedding I’m in next weekend.  I’d be more excited about it, but I haven’t been sleeping well, so I’m too tired to get very worked up.  *laughs*  I really hope the not-sleeping thing passes, too.  It’s been occasionally hard to function lately!

In the meantime, I’m going to alternate between watching last night’s “Project Runway” and laughing at the cats rolling around on the floor together and grooming each other.  There go their macho “tough guy” images.  Even if they try to fool me by chasing each other around madly here after while, I’ll remember…