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Resident Alien

It’s like a combination of “Resident  Evil” and “Alien”!

Okay, not really.  I’m pretty sure the Munchkin isn’t moaning about braaaaaains… yet.  The Munchkin does, however, resemble that thing that popped out of John Hurt’s abdomen in “Alien” to a scary degree.  In fact, when we first saw the little picture on the ultrasound screen, that was what I said to Southern Honey: “See, I told you it’s going to just pop out of there like the thing in ‘Alien’!”  I think the poor tech thought I was crazy.  😛

It’s a good thing Southern Honey was paying attention on Monday when we were in the doctor’s office scheduling our next two appointments (the ultrasound on Thursday and the next OB appointment); I got the (very different) times completely mixed up in my mind, and we would have missed the ultrasound altogether if he hadn’t been paying attention.  Whoops!  Hello, Mommy Brain — wait, maybe the Munchkin IS a zombie, eating my brains from the inside!!

Anyway, everything looks healthy and all good in there.  We could see the Munchkin’s heart just thumping away (it’s like a hummingbird’s heart, it beats so fast!), and s/he was all tiny, wiggling arms and legs.  We could see him/her kicking and stretching.  It was absolutely amazing.

So, without further ado, here is the Munchkin at 10 weeks 5 days!  (Pardon the shadow bars; they’re from the blinds.)

Seriously, does it not look like that little mouth-area wants to eat something?!


I'm waving!

Hi, guys!

Why are you still here?



That’s what I found myself thinking yesterday on my drive home.  This week, the Munchkin, according to The Bump, is roughly the size of a poppy seed.  Which, when you get right down to it, is pretty insignificant.

Unless you’re me.

You see, after I thought about how insignificant something the size of a poppy seed is, my brain took it too far.

“But… heroin comes from poppy seeds.  And so does opium.  And I’m pretty sure a war or two has been fought over that stuff.  Huh.  Maybe poppy seeds aren’t so insignificant after all.”

And suddenly the Munchkin has been to war and back.  All while still firmly ensconced in utero.  I think that’s pretty impressive.

Also, for the geek moms out there, a bit of XKCD for you, on the dangers of mixing violent video games and pregnancy.  I guess it’s a good thing I’m playing “Little Big Planet” and leaving “Kill Zone 2” for Southern Honey?