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At long last, we got everything together in the nursery, and it’s done.  I feel like this has been a work-in-progress for forever, even though we really didn’t get started on it until fairly recently.  But at long last, the crib is up, the sheets are on it, my Boppy is good to go, and we got the pictures up on the wall.  I don’t have any good photos of the window area, though, with the new shades and the curtains, because it’s so sunny today

The Boppy might just roll away...

The trunk of my car was a bit full of stuff for the hospital on Tuesday to load up the stroller, too.

Flying monkey!

That's the diaper cake my sister-in-law made for us just poking into the frame over there.

Baby dragons

And the crib blanket I (mostly) made. I never did hem the bottom edge, but the material technically didn't need to be hemmed at all. Last thing that was keeping me was sewing on the dragon applique I got on Etsy.

I really wish that the pictures did justice to the awesome colors on the walls.  Unfortunately, the flash really kind of washes them out, which is too bad.  The blue on the crib wall in particular is very rich.

The crib took forever to put together, mostly because I initially tried to do it all myself.  This was not, at something like 37 weeks, the brightest idea I’ve ever had.  There was just no way on earth I could contort my body to get to some of the places I needed to put screws.  Nuh uh, nothin’ doin’.  After something like two hours (although a big reason it took that long was because the instructions were the very last thing to come out of the box, so I couldn’t organize pieces as I went), I gave up; Southern Honey helped me finish it up a couple of days later.

And the flying monkey hanging from the ceiling fan was also from my sister-in-law.  Isn’t he cute?


Almost finished

Almost finished

Night and day, split down the middle

We finished painting the nursery last weekend, at long last.  We still need to figure out where in the world those Roman shades that I bought for the window disappeared to, since they’re most definitely not in the closet.   😛  Those, the curtains, the storage unit for the closet, and the crib/changing table are all that still need to be taken care of in terms of furniture.

Aside from that, it’s get the prints up on the wall, finish up the crib blanket, and we’ll be ready to roll.

Castle walls

The closet wall

A sunny place to sit

The morning wall


Sleeping wall


So productive it’s pretty much scary, really.  I mean, when was the last time I actually accomplished the vast majority of the things I set out to get done in a weekend?  I don’t know that I remember.

However, not only did I get my list taken care of yesterday, we got a great deal done today.  The nursery is almost finished at long last.  What remains to be done, aside from furniture assembly and carpet cleaning, is on Southern Honey since it’s the up-and-down stuff I just can’t do (I wasn’t sure I was going to make it up and down off the footstool of the glider to get stuff taken care of today, for that matter).

Five of the eight dragons for the mobile are cut out and painted.  I think I figured out the trick to cutting them out of the foam board with the Xacto knife at long last.  Now I just have to cut out and paint the last three dragons and all of the wings.  Then, once they’re dry, I’ll use some fishing line or something similar to attach them to the dowel rods I’ve already painted and we’ll hang the whole thing from the ceiling after we get the crib in.

Yesterday after we got back from Music City, I finished hemming side three of the crib blanket while watching some basketball.  All the Munchkin’s clothes are also now washed, dried, folded and put away — although I’m not pleased by the way the Gerber onesies shrank up (the 0-3 month ones from our shower look like they’re maybe newborn size now) — as are his receiving blankets and towels.  While we were gone I got frames for the dragon prints, and I got the prints framed and ready to hang last night.  By the time I finished all that, it was well after ten, and I’m fairly certain I may have fallen asleep on the couch.

Today it was the sun, moon, clouds, and stars on the nursery walls, as well as the lines in the brickwork (that’s Southern Honey’s part).  I’ll post some pictures in a day or two when I find the camera cable and we get the room closer to finished.  The next steps should be to put in the shades, rehang the curtains, and clear out the furniture in prep for carpet cleaning.

For now, though, I think I’m off to bed.

So this is what Braxton-Hicks contractions feel like.  The ones I had back at Christmas were so faint I couldn’t feel them, but I realized this evening in the car on the way home that the uncomfortable sensation up around my ribs wasn’t the Munchkin’s butt or feet.  It was muscles contracting.

They don’t hurt, but they make it hard to get a deep breath.  I hate feeling out of breath.  Leaves me feeling all suffocate-y.  Blech.  Of course, it doesn’t help when Prometheus then settles his 13-pound self in the vicinity of my chest, thereby further compressing my lungs.  Dear kitty, I need air in order to give you food, so stop trying to kill me!

I think I’m going to have to give in and get my prescription for Zantac filled to relieve this ridiculous heartburn.  I’ve been chewing Tums like they’re going out of style.

Southern Honey plans to finish painting the nursery tomorrow, so I’ll hopefully have more pictures tomorrow night.  I’m also going to stop by Hobby Lobby tomorrow in hopes of finding picture frames for the dragon prints we bought and some wood to make the dragons for the mobile — couldn’t get them cut out of the foam board properly (glad that only cost me $2).

Oh, and am I a dork for changing to a different stroller and car seat because they go with the pack n play?  I mean, it’s going to be cheaper than getting the ones we had previously picked out because they come as a travel system and we have a coupon, but what really caught my eye was the monkeys.  Because I am a dork.  So I guess I answered my own question there.

Hello, nursery!

I came home to the best surprise today.  Southern Honey had spent his day off taking care of one of the tasks that had me tied in absolute knots lately: the nursery.  It’s still not complete, but he made fantastic progress, and most of what is left is touch-up work and detailing.

Before, the walls were just blank cream-colored boringness.  Now it’s really starting to look like a castle balcony looking out over something.

Night and day, darling, night and day

Daytime to the left, nighttime to the right

The castle wall

Spiderman really is going to come down at some point, I swear.

We’re still going to do clouds and a sun on the daytime side, as well as stars and the moon on the nighttime side.  Plus he’s doing dark lines to give the castle walls a brick look — I haven’t got the fine motor control or the ability to stand the smell of the paint long enough to work on that.  Once that’s done, we’ll go back and touch up the trim with white paint where there was some bleedover.

Then it will just be a matter of putting in the new Roman shades we bought to replace the old blinds, rehanging the curtains, moving the chair and dresser into place, and putting together the crib/changing table.  I mean, I still have to finish the mobile and the crib blanket, too, but those are much smaller projects than painting the whole darned room, I think.  At least the mobile will be once the pieces are cut out.

And now I’m off to paint the wooden rods that will support the mobile!

33 weeks down

Seven or so to go.  There’s a lot to get done and not a lot of time to do it all in, especially since it looks as though the business venture will be open shortly after the Munchkin makes his debut.

Our 33 week appointment with the OB went well on Thursday.  The swelling in one kidney is down a bit, although it’s up a bit in the other, but neither is in the “let’s get worried” zone.  We’ll have one more ultrasound, at 37 weeks, and then we’ll know whether or not I’ll be induced early.

I put on another two pounds, so I’m moving right along track there.

New project time: I’m making the Munchkin’s mobile.  And no, I haven’t finished hemming the crib blanket, because I am a glutton for punishment.  *headdesk*  But the mobile should be pretty simple.  I’ve traced most of the necessary shapes on foam board, and Southern Honey is going to use the Exacto knife to cut them out for me.  Then I’ll paint them, paint the dowel rods, and use fishing line to tie it all together.

This is roughly what it will look like when it’s done, just in different colors and with a castle at the bottom:

You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!

Fancy-pants wooden mobile

Oh, and I turn 26 in two days.  Yay, me!  Maybe I’ll get a cute shirt while we’re out tomorrow to wear bowling tomorrow night in celebration.

So much better

Today has been so much better than yesterday that it’s hard to believe I was feeling so overwhelmed just 24 hours ago.

Getting some serious sleep certainly didn’t hurt.  It came in spurts, but I think I actually got at least eight hours of blessed, lovely sleep.  I didn’t roll out of bed until ten this morning, well after Southern Honey left to spend the day geeking out with friends.  Then I luxuriated in some Frosted Flakes (;D) and Nook time before dragging my butt off the couch and into town.

After my very first experience getting my hair colored by a professional, I’m once again a brunette (rather than a reverse skunk with the contrast between my red hair and my brown roots) and my hair is looking cute again.  It’s almost even grown out as far as I wanted; hopefully today’s trim will convince it to have another growth spurt in the top layers.

The storage unit we put on the registry at Target went on sale this week, so I stopped by and picked it up.  It’s hanging out in the trunk until Southern Honey gets home to bring it inside.  It was everything I could do to get it into the cart, up far enough to have the bar code scanned, and then into the trunk!

My espionage for the future business venture went quite well, and the news thoroughly pleased Southern Honey & Co when I called to let them know the results.  Basically, I just went to a competitor to see what kind of business they were doing today and what sort of product they stock on a regular basis.  And if I had found something I was legitimately looking for, I probably would have bought it.

Oh, and I stopped by a consignment shop downtown looking for a glider/rocker for the nursery on a whim.  I had decided I wasn’t willing to spend the money to buy a new one — seriously, those things are expensive! — but was willing to consider a used one.  I pulled up just at closing time, but the owner told me to come on in anyway, that he was staying open a little bit late.  Less than ten minutes later, I was out the door having purchased a gliding armchair and ottoman for $50.  It’s a nice, neutral tan and is pretty comfortable; it’s also compact (it sits fairly low), which is great since the nursery isn’t terribly big.  I have to get Southern Honey to take his car in on Monday to pick it up — I couldn’t get it out to or into my car today by myself.

Because pictures are awesome:

The rocking armchair of doomlessness

The newest nursery addition

I also got seriously astonished looks three times today when I mentioned that I’m due in April.  I get it, I’m not showing as much as people think someone ten weeks shy of delivery should look.  I believe that’s the result of being nauseated 24-7 for eleven weeks and not wanting to eat anything.  But I assure you, the doc is quite pleased with how I’m doing — I’m measuring just right.

At least the ThinkGeek t-shirt that some friends gave me was a hit.  😀

I accomplished something

I’m so proud of myself right now: I accomplished baby-related things today.

You’d think, with only three months or so to go, that that would happen often enough not to be worthy of a post.  Sadly, not so much.

I went by Hancock Fabrics, since they’re having a big winter sale this week, and picked up fabric to make some no-sew slings for the Munchkin.  It’s a turquoise color — I decided going with the purple would lead to lots of people commenting about what a cute little girl we have, no matter what color I dress the Munchkin in, but it’s not super-macho blue, so I might actually not regret sporting it.  I’m going to hem it instead of leaving it no-sew, just because I’m an overachiever like that (actually because I need to practice with the sewing machine before I hit up the baby blanket).

I also ordered the prints for the walls in the Munchkin’s room.  We’re ordering them from this site.

For the “sleeping” wall:

Dragon art, art print, nursery art, nursery artwork, fine art print, friendly dragon, dragon, dragons, Dragon Dreaming, Lisa Victoria, fantasy, fantasy art, fairies, fairy tale, greeting card, magnet, sticker, night sky, moon,cloud, green, children's decor, kid's wall art

Dragon art, art print, nursery art, nursery artwork, fine art print, friendly dragon, dragon, dragons, Dragon Moon, Lisa Victoria, fantasy, fantasy art, fairies, fairy tale, greeting card, magnet, sticker, night sky, moon, cloud, green, children's decor, kid's wall art Dragon art, art print, nursery art, nursery artwork, fine art print, friendly dragon, dragon, dragons, Dragon Moon Dreams, Lisa Victoria, fantasy, fantasy art, fairies, fairy tale, greeting card, magnet, sticker, night sky, moon, cloud, green, children's decor, kid's wall art

And for the “daytime” wall:

Dragon art, art print, nursery art, nursery artwork, fine art print, friendly dragon, dragon, dragons, Dragon Play, elf, knight, sword play, Lisa Victoria, fantasy, fantasy art, fairies, fairy tale, greeting card, magnet, sticker, castle,forest, green, children's decor, kid's wall art

I’m really excited about getting started in there.  Our crib/changing table should be in soon, and we’re picking up the carpet cleaner from my mom tomorrow.  So now it’s finding the right shades of paint, cleaning the carpet, and getting to work!


The Munchkin’s future room is cleaned out.

Well, there are two end tables that will be out by the end of the week, but aside from that, the room is cleaned out.  See?

Spidey's still up there

Almost completely empty now!

We’re going to dismantle the tables and store them in the attic for the time being.  They go with the coffee table in the living room; we just don’t have room for them right now with the extra futon couch in there.  But somewhere down the line, I suspect they’ll come back to the living room where they belong.

In other news, the bump is coming along quite nicely.  It’s getting harder to find normal pants that fit, and I’m falling back on my knit skirts and such more often.  I’d love to be able to pick up a couple more skirts, but that’s going to be a pain in the butt, apparently, since I waited so long past the summer season.  *rolls eyes*  At least Southern Honey found a great sweater dress for me last weekend so I’ll have something to wear for Thanksgiving!

It's there, I promise

No, I'm not just getting chubby...

Digging the house shoes?  I am!

There's a Munchkin growing in there.

Although I think this is the last time I combine preggo-bump with skinny jeans…  Yikes, but that makes my butt look big!

Successful Saturday

We made some serious progress on the huge mess that is the Munchkin’s future room.  There’s still a scary amount of junk in there, but it should be empty after we get two more storage bins, a shredder and possibly a filing cabinet tomorrow.  However, the closet is completely empty except for stuff that’s actually FOR the Munchkin: the outfits and bibs we won at the Expectant Parent fair back in April, a travel kit of baby care products, and some other odds and ends from the fair, including a couple of newborn-sized diapers.

It was kind of disturbing how much crap was in there.  Southern Honey picked up three large storage tubs last week.  He filled one with miscellaneous electronics, including a Nintendo64, two NESes, and a metric crap-ton of controllers and speaker wire.  I filled one with the books we’re planning on selling or giving away at the 400 Mile Yard Sale next year; I have tons that can’t be sold because they’re strips (no covers) from when I worked at B&N, but I’m just going to put them in a box for people to take if they like the look.  I couldn’t even drag the darned thing out of the room when I was done — I had to get him to do it.  😀

There was also a lot of stuff we’re going to put out in the yard sale.  Lots of duffle bags, a printer, a couple of clocks, at least one stereo, and who knows what else?  Most of it will hopefully fit in the third tub so we can store it for June.  Until then, it’s hanging out in the guest room.

Oh, and I totally had half an emotional breakdown going through the huge box of my stuff from high school.  I found myself leaning on the edge of the broken-down cardboard box, trying not to cry my eyes out over stuff that needed to go in the trash.  The hormones have been totally out of control the past two days — I was practically tearing up over “South Park” last night!  😛

Next step after cleaning the room out?  Vacuum and clean the carpet, then measure for furniture.