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Christmastime for babies

Babies give approximately zero shits about Christmas.  Really.  They’re like, “Okay, so, there’s stuff and fifty million random relatives I’ve probably never met pinching my cheeks and food I can’t eat yet and people wanting me to stay up way past my bedtime even when I’m cranky as hell.  Why is this so cool again?”

That was pretty much the Munchkin’s reaction to our first Christmas celebrations this weekend.  He just wanted to get down on the floor and play, while everyone else wanted to cuddle him and see him do cute things or unwrap presents.  We had some rather frustrated moments as a result yesterday.  Although maybe it was just his complete disinterest in the shiny boxes or bags — he ignored them completely!

On the bright side, he has some really fun new toys.  And he got to spend lots of time with my dad and the extended family on that side.  Some of my cousins hadn’t met him since he was born, which was entertaining.  We had a lot of fun in between bouts of “ohmigod, give me a NAP!” but I definitely consider myself educated about what it means to have Christmas with a baby.


Made it through

Southern Honey and I are home from the visitation and the funeral, and I think it’s safe to say we’re both exhausted.  The guest bed at my dad’s (fiancee’s) place has more in common with a slab of plywood than a nice, pillowy mattress, and there’s just nothing restful about laying someone to rest.

I will make a small comment on being pregnant on an occasion where you’re re-meeting relatives for the first time in years, though.  Never have I felt more like communal property than every time my dad introduced me to someone, always with the add-on that there’s his first grandchild on the way.  I was tempted to start introducing myself as the bearer of the Precious, complete with Gollum voice, just to get it over with.

But I withstood the temptation and spent some time standing with my grandfather — one of my younger cousins had been taken on the task initially but he really needed a break.  Probably would have been easier if I hadn’t needed to pee what felt like every ten minutes…

Ultimately, though, we all made it through the past two days.  My grandmother will be sorely missed.  Really, she is already.

Share the Wealth

So, today being Grandparents’ Day and us being in the right geographic location, I decided to tell my dad the good news.  (Thanks, Hallmark, for making up a holiday that I could actually use to my advantage!  Never let it be said you didn’t do anything good for me.)

We almost had to cancel lunch, as my grandparents had something of an emergency (my dad and his siblings who live locally swap taking care of them, and today was part of my dad’s coverage), but it all worked out nicely in the end, even if it did take longer to get food than anticipated.  I’m a dork and wasn’t sure what to say, so when he came around the corner and I gave him a hug hello, I just said, “Happy Grandfather’s Day!”  He was like, “Oh, is it… Wait, does that mean…?”  I just grinned and nodded.

I think it made pretty much everybody’s day.

It was a nice ending to a long but fun weekend of mostly pretending I’m still a normal human being who just temporarily doesn’t like things like alcohol and naturally needs to eat every couple of hours to avoid turning into Godzilla.  *rolls eyes*  Don’t let it be said I didn’t go the distance for my friends, either.  😛

In all seriousness, the wedding was great.  The officiant went off the rails a bit at a couple of points on the whole September 11th thing, but it was otherwise a really lovely ceremony.  I spent the whole first half trying not to cry at how wonderful it all was and the second half trying not to cry over how much my feet hurt.  Stupid high heels…  I haven’t worn any for any appreciable length of time since I got pregnant, and I totally paid for it.  Even with Dr. Scholls inserts.

And what better way to cap off a great weekend than with a doctor’s appointment first thing Monday morning?  I normally wouldn’t say such a thing, but I’m really excited about it, and I’m not ill, so yay!