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I love the Munchkin, but I’ve put so much energy into him for the past almost three years that I’ve really neglected myself in two important areas: what I eat and how active I am.  As a result, it’s time for me to get off my duff and get moving while revamping what we’re eating as a family.

What this means in practical terms is that I’ve started getting up earlier every morning to go walking.  If the weather is bad or if I can’t drag myself outside, then I do a workout or two through an app for my phone called Workout Trainer.  I’m spending more time browsing the sales at Aldi on produce so I can bring more fresh fruits and vegetables into the house and onto our plates.  And I’m searching for some new recipes to add to the repertoire; I have to find some new ones to tantalize the Munchkin’s taste buds and satisfy my need for something healthier.

As much as I love the Munchkin, I have to take care of myself so I can take better care of him.

I do have to admit that he eats amazingly well most of the time.  His favorite food is grape tomatoes, which he treats like grapes and chows by the bowlful.  I have to moderate how many he has because of their acidity; he’d eat the whole container at once if I let him.  Little goofball.  😀

He’s two now, about 35 inches tall and 28 pounds.  He’s growing like a weed and developing like mad: his speech is very clear most of the time, and he’s constantly surprising me with what he puts together verbally.  Last week I asked him what a horse says.  His response?  “Neigh.  But cow says moo.”  A little thing, but just one that reminds me what amazing creatures kids are.  Plus, it’s those moments that make up for the days he whines and yells all the way home from daycare or all afternoon on a weekend after waking up from his nap.  They have to keep us from giving them to the circus somehow, you know.


My apologies for the lack of posting recently.  We’ve been having some absolutely insane weather lately that has led to two weeks of illness, multiple doctor’s visits, and confusion over just what the hell season is it, anyway?  (The answer to that, by the way, appears to be “tornado season.”  😦 )  It has just not been anything remotely approaching an atmosphere amenable to writing decent posts.

The Munchkin is growing by leaps and bounds.  It’s absolutely incredible sometimes when I stop to think about it.  But mostly we’re too busy experimenting with new foods — Cincinnati-style chili, meatloaf, and broccoli are all favorites — and battling the evils of teething and diaper changes.  Oh, and trying to find new ways to keep him out of the cat food.  An improvement over cat poop, but still…

On my part, I’m trying to get myself healthy and comfortable with new habits so I can set a good example.  To further this, I took a day off work to go to the doctor and dentist, where I discovered I had a sinus infection and an abscessed wisdom tooth.  I now have antibiotics, a steroid shot in me, and an appointment with an oral surgeon to see about getting my stupid wisdom teeth out.  *headdesk*  My mother, in the meantime, has the Munchkin for a couple of nights to facilitate my infection recovery.

I’ll be glad when it’s all over so I can concentrate on getting ready for the Munchkin’s birthday party next month.  I can’t believe he’s almost a year old already!

Oh my!

This has been one crazy week in the Southern household.

Sunday and Monday I dedicated to loads of cooking and prep work to have dinners ready to go for the next month.  The Munchkin is all too ready to eat adult food at night (he flat-out refuses baby food most nights), so no more waiting until he goes to bed to cook dinner.  Instead, I gave once-a-month cooking a shot, and, if the interior of my freezer is any indication, this is going to work pretty well.

Unfortunately, I spent so much time focused on busting my butt to get things taken care of that I didn’t take care of myself.  I dehydrated myself to the point of a fever by Monday night.  Although it took me a day and a half to figure out that that was why I felt bad.  *rolls eyes*  So I missed work on Tuesday and most of Wednesday (had to go in to handle some time-sensitive issues).

But, hey, Wednesday night was family night, so we would all be home and have a yummy meatloaf dinner.  Hooray!  Right up until I asked Southern Honey to come into the kitchen to pull the meatloaf out of the oven while I got the rest of the Munchkin’s dinner together.  At which point the Munchkin followed him and managed to burn his fingers grabbing for the inside of the oven door.  Cue what was supposed to be our relaxing family evening at home turning into night at the ER.

Fortunately, it was a very minor burn, but it was on his hand so the on-call ped told us to take him in.  A dose of Ibuprofen, a bottle, a dry diaper, and a nap later, he was entertaining people in the ER by walking around holding onto one of our hands.  (We kept him away from people in general and took him to/from the kid play area; I make that statement based on the number of hellos/smiles/waves he was getting, not the fact that I think he’s a fairly cute kid.)  We were home by 10 with a tube of antibacterial ointment to treat the burns for the next week.

Needless to say, he didn’t really sleep well that night, what with the disruption to his evening and the sock on his hand keeping him from licking off the ointment.  Or last night, due to the above reasons and a runny nose.

Which, I found out when I went to pick him up from day care, may be RSV.  They have three kids out with confirmed cases.  *headdesk*

Needless to say, we go to the doctor on Monday unless he gets worse over the weekend.  It sucks that all these negative things happened this week, because it’s been so much fun to watch him explore feeding himself and discovering new foods: meatloaf, broccoli, tonight’s Cincy-style chili and spaghetti.  We’ll get through it, though, and there are certainly plenty of fun dishes on the menu in the next few weeks for him to enjoy.


That’s what the Munchkin has become: some kind of enormous, mutant baby monster rampaging unsteadily through the house.  I shudder to think how bad it’ll be once he’s walking on his own instead of lurching around grabbing onto everything and shuffling along sideways.  *grins*

The little guy had his 9 month appointment this week.  He clocked in at 28 inches long and 22 very solid pounds.  That’s as much as our friend’s two-year-old weighs.  *facepalm*  Poor thing had some blood taken from his finger and had to pee into a bag so some lab work could be done; hopefully that will all come back clean, especially now that we’ve finally got him healthy (for the time being).

We also get to start weaning him off formula and onto whole milk and real food.  I just felt like it was a step in the right direction that he’s eaten baby foods with meat in them the last two nights.  And some tiny bits of spaghetti, with sauce and without, from my plate and his tray tonight.  We’re going to get there, slowly but surely, which is good, since the price of formula jumped four dollars a can about a month ago, and we had been up to almost two a week.

Now I just guess I’m going to have to get used to cooking for one and a half most nights…

On the road

To recovery, I hope, now that we’re finished with our mini-road trip to finish up our final Christmas celebrations.  If there’s anything I don’t recommend, it’s trying to travel with a baby suffering from diarrhea.  It’s just a bad idea.  Thankfully, the Munchkin was already drying up some before we left, so we didn’t get hosed while on the road.

What he wasn’t interested in doing was sleeping overnight.  Although he hasn’t been doing that for almost two weeks now, so it wasn’t really anything new.  Turned out he was teething in addition to nursing an ear infection, so everything just hurt, poor guy!  He’s still working on cutting that tooth, but the ear infection is on its way to being taken care of, and the diarrhea is slowly drying up (he had it to start with and the main side effect of his ear infection antibiotics is… diarrhea *headdesk*).  I suspect that by this weekend, we might all be sleeping through the night.

Dear God, I hope so.


If there’s one thing that the Munchkin’s illness — ultimately diagnosed as a very sneaky ear infection this week — has demonstrated, it’s that he’s finally grasping the concept of language, he knows that I’m Mama and Southern Honey is Dada, and he’s willing to use ’em.

Of course, “Dada” gets trotted out when he’s having a great time, bouncing around the living room and laughing his head off. “Mama” is reserved for the times he falls on his face because he was trying to climb the bookshelf (which he knows he shouldn’t do) or his poor ear is hurting.  I think this is supposed to be some sort of commentary on my awesome nurturing skills, but I’m less than reassured.  😛

Still, I love knowing that he knows his first words, even if he mastered “Dada” well before “Mama.”  😀

In other news, this really has been the stealth ear infection from hell, since it’s been accompanied by massive diarrhea and hasn’t actually been manifesting as anything other than that and not sleeping well.  The doctor was going over his symptoms and checking him, going, “Sounds like a virus… Uh huh, virus… Yep, sounds like … an ear infection?”  So now the kid’s on antibiotics and Nystatin, since he already had killer diaper rash, and the main side affect of the antibiotics is… diarrhea.  *headdesk*  I figure he’ll stop screaming in pain at diaper changes in approximately three weeks when he dries up.  I hate it.

Typhoid Munchkin?

Twice in the past few weeks I’ve gotten hit by a nasty stomach bug.  It’s been miserable.  Absolutely miserable.  Not to mention taking up sick leave I’d have far rather saved for the times when he gets sick and needs to stay home.  :/

Since the Munchkin is in daycare, I thought he might be responsible, carrying his germs back and forth, doling them out to us at home like candy and generally being a miniature Typhoid Baby.  However, after hearing that my brother got sick, too, and thinking back to last weekend when we were together, I realized I was blaming the wrong person entirely.  This time, at least.  This time, our cousin’s son, who came to the big family Christmas gathering sick, is the likely culprit (poor little guy).

Also, being sick around Christmas sucks.

Dear Munchkin,

There really wasn’t a need for you to spread your germs throughout the family this weekend.  Especially since, while you had passing diaper discomfort, I spent the day worshiping at the altar of the porcelain goddess and may be making my next obeisance any moment now.  Next time, please feel free to keep this to yourself; mommy only has so many sick days.  😛


Exhausted Mom

Did you know that if you don’t stock the medicine cabinet with baby-friendly drugs going into parenthood, you will forget to do it after the baby’s born until it comes back to bite you in the butt?  Generally when you pick the baby up from daycare and you’ve already driven the twenty miles home.  And especially when the grocery store five miles from your house is out of baby Benadryl, which means you have to drive the twenty miles back into town with a crying child, lug him around the pharmacy until you get tired of not finding the stuff and get a staffer to point out where it was hanging out in your face, change him in the bathroom, pack him back into the car and drive the twenty miles back home with a crying child.

It was well after seven by the time I got us both back to the house tonight, my hard-won bottle of baby Benadryl safely stowed in his diaper bag.  He cried the whole way home because he was tired of being in his car seat and is still fighting constipation all the time.  We were three dirty diapers in tonight before he got to something resembling a normal consistency, so I can’t really blame him for being upset.

Anyway, I finally got him in (he fell asleep about two miles from the house) and got everything ready for him to eat.  Which I feel was quite an accomplishment as I was starving by that point; lunch was sometime around 1 pm today, and it just wasn’t enough calories to make it that far through the day.  By the time I got him fed, changed, and back asleep, I think I might have gotten some chow sometime after eight.  Now I’m just hoping that the Benadryl works so we don’t have to drag him into the doctor’s office tomorrow to treat a viral rash.

Ugh, I need to go wash bottles to get everything ready for tomorrow since we’re saying at my mom’s yet again courtesy of a busy weekend at the shop.  Please shoot me?

Real food at last

Or as close to real food as rice cereal gets, anyway.  We got the go-ahead after his four month doctor’s appointment back at the beginning of the month, and it’s gone surprisingly well so far.

Don’t get me wrong.  He spit the stuff everywhere on his first bite, and we had a couple of nights where trying to feed him left him thoroughly pissed and screaming.  But since then?  He’s really embraced it and is ready to start eating it twice a day if I can get our night feeding schedule worked out.  (I just got him up for a bottle, but I don’t think he’s going to rouse enough for cereal, so cereal needs to start coming earlier in the evening.)

In all honesty, now that we’re past the colic, he’s almost a disturbingly cheerful baby.  I keep waiting apprehensively for him to turn into Damien or something (aside from still waking up twice most nights).  He didn’t even throw a fit when he pooped everywhere and had to have two baths over the weekend.  Application of pear juice for dealing with constipation is a delicate process; I don’t recommend being too zealous.  😛  Poop puddles; that’s all I’m saying…

I’ll try to remember to post a cereal-face picture soon, because it’s hilarious the way he gets the stuff all over himself.  It may also help convey my “holy crap!” feelings that he’s now 15 pounds 11 ounces and 26 inches long already.  This kid is getting big!