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I accomplished something

I’m so proud of myself right now: I accomplished baby-related things today.

You’d think, with only three months or so to go, that that would happen often enough not to be worthy of a post.  Sadly, not so much.

I went by Hancock Fabrics, since they’re having a big winter sale this week, and picked up fabric to make some no-sew slings for the Munchkin.  It’s a turquoise color — I decided going with the purple would lead to lots of people commenting about what a cute little girl we have, no matter what color I dress the Munchkin in, but it’s not super-macho blue, so I might actually not regret sporting it.  I’m going to hem it instead of leaving it no-sew, just because I’m an overachiever like that (actually because I need to practice with the sewing machine before I hit up the baby blanket).

I also ordered the prints for the walls in the Munchkin’s room.  We’re ordering them from this site.

For the “sleeping” wall:

Dragon art, art print, nursery art, nursery artwork, fine art print, friendly dragon, dragon, dragons, Dragon Dreaming, Lisa Victoria, fantasy, fantasy art, fairies, fairy tale, greeting card, magnet, sticker, night sky, moon,cloud, green, children's decor, kid's wall art

Dragon art, art print, nursery art, nursery artwork, fine art print, friendly dragon, dragon, dragons, Dragon Moon, Lisa Victoria, fantasy, fantasy art, fairies, fairy tale, greeting card, magnet, sticker, night sky, moon, cloud, green, children's decor, kid's wall art Dragon art, art print, nursery art, nursery artwork, fine art print, friendly dragon, dragon, dragons, Dragon Moon Dreams, Lisa Victoria, fantasy, fantasy art, fairies, fairy tale, greeting card, magnet, sticker, night sky, moon, cloud, green, children's decor, kid's wall art

And for the “daytime” wall:

Dragon art, art print, nursery art, nursery artwork, fine art print, friendly dragon, dragon, dragons, Dragon Play, elf, knight, sword play, Lisa Victoria, fantasy, fantasy art, fairies, fairy tale, greeting card, magnet, sticker, castle,forest, green, children's decor, kid's wall art

I’m really excited about getting started in there.  Our crib/changing table should be in soon, and we’re picking up the carpet cleaner from my mom tomorrow.  So now it’s finding the right shades of paint, cleaning the carpet, and getting to work!


What are you DOING in there?

I sometimes wonder what in the world the Munchkin gets up to in there.  I mean, I’m pretty sure he hasn’t had a jungle gym installed or anything, although you couldn’t prove it by all the bumping and bouncing going on sometimes.

It does border on the creepy from time to time when he really gets going.  I start watching for the movement, and then I start having flashbacks to “Alien” again, so I have to forcibly remind myself that there’s a human being in there and not a bloodthirsty alien parasite attempting to break free.  Perhaps I should stop watching horror movies until after he’s born…

If I might take a moment to interpret what I’m feeling from the Munchkin right now: “Hey, why aren’t you in bed yet?  It’s way easier to turn somersaults in here when you’re horizontal.  Seriously, put down the laptop, boot the cat, and go climb in bed before I start using your kidneys for punching bags, please.”

I feel this is advice I should probably take, if only for my kidneys’ sake.  😀

Oh, acid reflux

How I loathe thee.

It only took me something like two weeks to realize that that icky, bile-y feeling that kept creeping up the back of my throat when I was trying to get to sleep was not, actually, the return of morning sickness.  You see, heartburn and I have never been what you would call close friends — more like complete strangers, really.  It’s Southern Honey who has the working relationship with acid reflux.

The lightbulb did finally go on, though, after a run-in with some Sprite and daytime burping and ickiness.  As a result, I’m now stuck in a world where even the decaffeinated soda I had been allowing myself to drink makes me feel like crap.  Uncool, body.  Majorly uncool.

In other news, it’s now time to contemplate the thing I’ve been putting off thinking about.

No, not labor and delivery.

The baby shower.

I managed to skip out on this sort of thing for our wedding, what with the distance and travel and everything.  Now that we live closer to friends and family, though, I don’t have any excuses.  The whole thing makes me kind of uncomfortable, though.  Asking for gifts, basically.  It just seems strange.

It doesn’t help that our friends really are still spread out.  The two who are hosting the shower live about three hours from me, and I don’t really have any other friends up in that area.  Southern Honey’s friends are about an hour from there, but they’re mostly suffering from money problems, so it feels strange to ask them for anything.  Then we have friends down here (not many, but a few) who would be all over attending a shower for us and have asked about it but probably wouldn’t be able to make the trip up there.  Most of *my* friends are back in College State or up in DC.

In other words, I started thinking about a guest list and started feeling sorry for myself.  *blows mental raspberry at self*

Would it be rude to invite my friends who are hosting down here to have the darned thing?



Me and my acid reflux-y, whiney self will just take ourselves to the corner and watch the Sugar Bowl in sulky silence now.

26 weeks

Hello, Munchkin, where did YOU come from?

Where did THAT come from?

So I’m not really sure when my abdomen apparently exploded, but from the picture above, it apparently has.  Or a basketball has taken up residence in there.  One or the other.

You know how they tell you you should do so many impossible things every day?  Well, I don’t know about just how many you’re supposed to give a shot at, but I do know that I accomplished one this morning: I managed, despite the basketball, to put on a pair of my pre-pregnancy tights.  There were some serious gymnastics involved, and I’m still not sure how I’m going to get out of them here in a little bit.  But, darnit, I got them on, and I looked cute after doing it!

Oh, I also got the online password for our BRU registry reset so I could go in and delete and add stuff.  Turned out to be much less impossible than previously expected, but it would have been far easier if the employee had just added the darned password I gave her on Friday instead of forcing me to call customer service today.  Oh well.  I wore my tights, darnit, and that’s all that matters.

(The Munchkin may or may not be consuming brain cells — mine, not his.  Therefore, I can no longer guarantee my posts to be even moderately intelligible if composed after five pm.  Although that assumes that they were ever intelligible, and I’m not entirely certain that that has been the case.  But I’m blaming it on the kid anyway.  That’s what they’re there for, right?)

Happy New Year, everyone!  And what better way to start a new year than by preparing for the new addition to the family?

Southern Honey and I went on a bit of a shopping spree yesterday.  One that spanned two states, two malls, and involved the use of a price gun.  Plus we had dinner at IHOP and made it home by seven.  I’m still surprised I didn’t curl up in a tiny ball and whimper when all was said and done.

First thing first, we ran around town here returning duplicate Christmas gifts (we got two food processors, two stand mixers, two zesters, two power tool sets, and three copies of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens; next year, more diversity in the Christmas lists since no one checks with anyone else about what they’re getting).  Then we went back to the kitchen supply store and made me a very happy woman with a KitchenAid mixer; it’s not the black one that Southern Honey wanted, but they didn’t have any, so we got a metallic chrome finish instead.  Man it’s going to look lovely on my counter!

Then we grabbed some lunch and hit the road for the big city so I could take back a sweater I bought at A Pea in the Pod in Houston and then had buyer’s remorse over ($60 sweater, I still don’t know what I was thinking).  Getting to the mall down there was insane — traffic around the mall was horrible — and once we were there, we had trouble finding the store.  See, Destination Maternity bought out Mimi Maternity a couple of years back and was supposed to have converted all the Mimi stores over to DM or APITP.  Totally had not happened with this one, so we got to the really crowded mall, found a map, and then couldn’t find the store.  And DM’s customer service line was down.  I finally had to call the mall office just to find out what the heck was going on.  But I got the stupid thing taken back.  Finally.

After that, it was back across town toward home for Babies R Us.  We hadn’t planned on registering at that point, really, but I realized I didn’t want to make another trip down there if I could avoid it, so we got all set up with our gun and their extremely long list of things we should ask other people to buy for us and went to town.  I think we ended up with about thirty items, one of which is going to be removed and added to the Target registry we’re probably going to do today, but I was really pleased overall.  Even if nobody buys anything we zapped today, we’ll save money in the end with the 10% discount on stuff we’re going to need: stroller, car seat, crib sheets, first aid kit, temporal thermometer, etc.  And we bought our crib mattress while we were there, since it was fairly cheap and on sale (actually, I had to send Southern Honey back for it when we were at IHOP — they share a parking lot — since we forgot it on our way out the door).

I think we’ve decided on furniture, too.  NOT from Babies R Us — that stuff is seriously expensive for reasons I’m still working on fathoming — but from WalMart, most likely: There’s one at Target that we’re going to take another look at today when we go back into town.  It’s a crib and changing table combo with a drawer underneath the crib for storage, and then we’re going to move our mostly-unused dresser that should pretty much match the finish into the Munchkin’s room rather than buy a new one.

The rest of our evening was totally uneventful.  We were busy sitting around being geeks and playing Magic: The Gathering (he’s teaching me tactics since all of our other friends are either really into it or getting back into it) and would have missed the whole midnight thing if we hadn’t gotten a few texts reminding us we’d missed the ball drop.  Again.  😀

It’s been fun

But I am very glad that Christmas is now officially over for us.  There has been entirely too much running around like chickens with our heads cut off this year, and I think we’re both exhausted from it all.

As a result, we’ve decided (and started announcing) that we’re staying home next year.  Not sure how that’s going to go over, with people wanting to see the Munchkin for his first Christmas, but it’s the only way not to drive ourselves to distraction with the insanity.  Plus, maybe it will encourage people to visit us instead of us having to visit them all the time.

That’s not to say that this year hasn’t been a wonderful Christmas because it totally was.  There was just too much running and too much time spent on the road, too many miles on the cars, and too much navigating in some serious (for this area) snow.  The idea of doing it all again next year with an eight-month-old in tow is pretty much terrifying at this point.

Now that I’ve made my opinion on first Christmases known, I’d like to take a moment to say that I am truly grateful for being able to see (nearly) all our friends and family.  It’s hard for us all to get together, so it doesn’t happen often.

Don’t get dehydrated.  And don’t pee BEFORE going to the doctor’s office.

You would think the first would be one of those obvious things in life, especially while pregnant, but I’ve had problems with the obvious in the past.  Hell, I’ve had trouble with the whole hydration concept in the past.  You would think that passing out in public would solve one’s tendency not to drink enough.

You would totally be mistaken.

Yes, dehydration is indeed most likely what caused yesterday’s cramps and today’s contractions (there were probably contractions yesterday, I just didn’t have a monitor on to register them).  And you don’t pee first because they will inevitably want a urine sample to rule out things like kidney and bladder infections.  And if you don’t give a urine sample before they do an internal exam, you’ll end up with enough blood in your urine (microscopic amounts) to cause the doctor to request a second sample via catheter.  Which will make you sad.  And horribly uncomfortable the next time you have to pee.

You’ll end up getting out of an afternoon of work, but you’ll spend it all hooked up to machines in the hospital, watching hours on end of “Income Property” and Food Network.  You’ll also miss lunch and end up having graham crackers and peanut butter provided by the nurse because L&D always has food on hand.  You’ll miss the opportunity to get your husband’s Christmas present on your nonexistent lunch break.  Oh, and the aforementioned catheterization.  Not the best afternoon I’ve ever had.

I suppose at least it’s a good thing that my first catheter won’t be at the hospital for delivery (they cath you when you get an epidural, which I plan to do).  And the Munchkin is doing just fine — he had a grand time kickboxing the living daylights out of the fetal heart monitor and the contraction monitor strapped to my belly.

Good and not so good

We spent the weekend with my dad and his fiancee to have Christmas with them and then Dad’s side of the family.  I really enjoy spending time with them, since we don’t see them that often.

We had a great time — went to one of her granddaughter’s pancake breakfasts on Saturday morning, played some serious Wii with the granddaughters, finagled a way to watch the UK game on ESPN3 on one of their TVs, opened gifts, all that good stuff.  They got us a really fantastic picture frame for the Munchkin; it has a larger frame in the center, surrounded by 12 smaller frames, one for each month of his first year.

Unfortunately, this morning I woke up cramping.  It took a ridiculous amount of time for me to figure out that I was not actually constipated but cramping.  Apparently four and a half months IS long enough to forget what that feels like.  *rolls eyes*  So nobody would let me do anything all day but sit on the couch and go to the bathroom.  I know I needed to, I just hate the helpless feeling, like I’m using the Munchkin as an excuse to be lazy.  I know I’m not, that’s just how it feels.

I thought I was feeling better, right up until just a few minutes ago when Prometheus decided to tiptoe on my uterus.  Now I’m back to calling my doctor in the morning just to make sure everything’s all right.

Also, the Munchkin thinks Prometheus is invading HIS space, if that kicking I just felt was any indication.  And I realized we have a lot we have to do in the next little bit, from figuring out what stuff we want to get and need to get to deciding what we’re going with the nursery and actually doing it.  Blech.

Snow Day

Seriously, that email I got at 8 am this morning saying “sleep in” was just what the doctor ordered for my state of mind.  I went to bed last night feeling like I was never going to get out from under all of the crap I still needed to get done.  It’s not all done, but I did make progress.

Work was cancelled today, despite the weather here not ultimately being that bad, and I seriously feel like it was the answer to a prayer.  I got my cookie dough made, we bought the necessary tins to pack them in, I got my dad’s Christmas present, Southern Honey got this weekend’s gifts wrapped, and we spent the afternoon watching all nine episodes of the live action “The Tick.”

Oh, yeah, I got some laundry done, too.  And before I go to bed, I’ll get packed up for going to see Dad this weekend to do Christmas with his side of the family.

It doesn’t much feel like Christmas to me, though.  I’m not sure what it is this year, but I just don’t feel much in the Christmas mood.  Heck, we haven’t even gotten the tree up yet!  I’m not sure if we’ve been all wrapped up in the Munchkin or if it’s the fact that we’ve been bombarded by Christmas crap since Halloween.  Or if it’s just everything happening all at once.  I know it’s left me pretty much exhausted all the time.


23 Weeks Down

It’s hard to believe that we’re on the cusp of viability day (aka, 24 weeks)!

Things are going pretty well, even though I’m not even remotely close to being done with my Christmas shopping.  Still.  It’s getting ridiculous at this point, but I have no time to get out on my own because of work and the weather.  Blech.

I had my latest doctor’s appointment — to make up for the one we missed two weeks ago — yesterday.  Mostly things are on track: I’m up seven pounds overall from my second appointment (the one where I had lost weight), I’m measuring right at 23 cm for 23 weeks, and his heartbeat is nice and strong.  But I have to go back for another ultrasound next week.  The doctor wanted a clearer shot of his heart and they saw something in his kidneys that has the potential to develop into an issue down the line.  I’m not worried, but it’s a bit unnerving to think about something that might one day require surgery if it doesn’t correct itself.

It was hilarious, however, to hear the doctor on the subject of the new screening devices TSA is phasing in.  “Opposition” is really too weak a term for her feelings on the matter, I think.   It was very much the most adamant I’ve seen her be about something thus far in the pregnancy.  So obviously I’ll be avoiding those when I travel in February.  It wasn’t a problem when I flew last week, but I’m not sure what I’ll be looking at on the other end of the next trip.

Next appointment is the glucose screening one.  I can’t wait to drink THAT stuff.  *rolls eyes*