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That’s what the Munchkin has become: some kind of enormous, mutant baby monster rampaging unsteadily through the house.  I shudder to think how bad it’ll be once he’s walking on his own instead of lurching around grabbing onto everything and shuffling along sideways.  *grins*

The little guy had his 9 month appointment this week.  He clocked in at 28 inches long and 22 very solid pounds.  That’s as much as our friend’s two-year-old weighs.  *facepalm*  Poor thing had some blood taken from his finger and had to pee into a bag so some lab work could be done; hopefully that will all come back clean, especially now that we’ve finally got him healthy (for the time being).

We also get to start weaning him off formula and onto whole milk and real food.  I just felt like it was a step in the right direction that he’s eaten baby foods with meat in them the last two nights.  And some tiny bits of spaghetti, with sauce and without, from my plate and his tray tonight.  We’re going to get there, slowly but surely, which is good, since the price of formula jumped four dollars a can about a month ago, and we had been up to almost two a week.

Now I just guess I’m going to have to get used to cooking for one and a half most nights…


Excellent timing

Never let it be said that the Munchkin has anything less than impeccable(y hilarious) timing.

Om nom nom!

We’re starting fruits and vegetables this week!  I may be inordinately excited by this, if only because it means playing around with stuff that tastes better than rice cereal.

For most of this week, we’re exploring the world of bananas.  (Mostly because I already had bananas pureed, we only have enough for pretty much one day each of the prepackaged stuff — bananas, apples, and squash — and I’m too cheap to go buy more of it.)  Even though they came out of the freezer a rather gross brown color, my banana cubes’ flavor was still tasty, and he seemed to approve.

This looks vaguely like the stuff I left you in my diaper earlier...

Ummmm, nom nom?

Judging by the pretty small amount he got all over himself and the much larger amount he actually ate, I think he liked it.  Now we just have to get up to two servings a day, and then we’re swapping over to apples.

The supposed upside to four solid-ish meals plus bottles a day is that we should be able to get him off his middle-of-the-night bottle.  That would mean sleeping through the night.  After the battle to get him to sleep and to get him to stay asleep lately, I’ll drink (heavily) to that!  Tonight I ended up stepping out and letting him cry when he wouldn’t settle for me to read to him or sing to him.  I felt like the worst person, but he had conked himself in less than ten minutes.

(I still feel like a tool, though.)

In other news, he weighed in at 18 pounds, 11 ounces and measured 27 inches at the doctor’s office yesterday.  I knew he was a chunker, but holy cow!  😀

Go bananas!

It’s getting close to time to start real food.  Which strikes me as absolutely insane — he can’t possibly be almost old enough to have different foods!

Okay, mommy-angst moment done.  😀

I started prepping for the moment of “real food” this week with bananas.  A lot of bananas.  Two pounds of bananas, to be exact, and that’s a big ol’ bunch of bananas.  The whole house smelled like the tropics before I got around to doing anything with my massive haul.

But Thursday night I got the Munchkin put to bed, broke out the food processor, and went to town.  Because they were so ripe, they mushed up quite nicely, and the resultant banana froth tasted delicious — I found myself wanting an ice cream maker to bust out some homemade banana ice cream.  But I kept myself from eating much of it and dished it up into ice cube trays to freeze.  All told, I ended up with two trays full of banana cubes (32-36 cubes; I can’t remember how many slots are in each tray), which are now waiting to be popped into a big freezer bag, labeled with the date and “BANANAS” in massive letters for kicks and giggles.

Tomorrow, I tackle sweet potatoes.  Unfortunately, they don’t make the house smell awesome.  😛

Real food at last

Or as close to real food as rice cereal gets, anyway.  We got the go-ahead after his four month doctor’s appointment back at the beginning of the month, and it’s gone surprisingly well so far.

Don’t get me wrong.  He spit the stuff everywhere on his first bite, and we had a couple of nights where trying to feed him left him thoroughly pissed and screaming.  But since then?  He’s really embraced it and is ready to start eating it twice a day if I can get our night feeding schedule worked out.  (I just got him up for a bottle, but I don’t think he’s going to rouse enough for cereal, so cereal needs to start coming earlier in the evening.)

In all honesty, now that we’re past the colic, he’s almost a disturbingly cheerful baby.  I keep waiting apprehensively for him to turn into Damien or something (aside from still waking up twice most nights).  He didn’t even throw a fit when he pooped everywhere and had to have two baths over the weekend.  Application of pear juice for dealing with constipation is a delicate process; I don’t recommend being too zealous.  😛  Poop puddles; that’s all I’m saying…

I’ll try to remember to post a cereal-face picture soon, because it’s hilarious the way he gets the stuff all over himself.  It may also help convey my “holy crap!” feelings that he’s now 15 pounds 11 ounces and 26 inches long already.  This kid is getting big!