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I love the Munchkin, but I’ve put so much energy into him for the past almost three years that I’ve really neglected myself in two important areas: what I eat and how active I am.  As a result, it’s time for me to get off my duff and get moving while revamping what we’re eating as a family.

What this means in practical terms is that I’ve started getting up earlier every morning to go walking.  If the weather is bad or if I can’t drag myself outside, then I do a workout or two through an app for my phone called Workout Trainer.  I’m spending more time browsing the sales at Aldi on produce so I can bring more fresh fruits and vegetables into the house and onto our plates.  And I’m searching for some new recipes to add to the repertoire; I have to find some new ones to tantalize the Munchkin’s taste buds and satisfy my need for something healthier.

As much as I love the Munchkin, I have to take care of myself so I can take better care of him.

I do have to admit that he eats amazingly well most of the time.  His favorite food is grape tomatoes, which he treats like grapes and chows by the bowlful.  I have to moderate how many he has because of their acidity; he’d eat the whole container at once if I let him.  Little goofball.  😀

He’s two now, about 35 inches tall and 28 pounds.  He’s growing like a weed and developing like mad: his speech is very clear most of the time, and he’s constantly surprising me with what he puts together verbally.  Last week I asked him what a horse says.  His response?  “Neigh.  But cow says moo.”  A little thing, but just one that reminds me what amazing creatures kids are.  Plus, it’s those moments that make up for the days he whines and yells all the way home from daycare or all afternoon on a weekend after waking up from his nap.  They have to keep us from giving them to the circus somehow, you know.


My apologies for the lack of posting recently.  We’ve been having some absolutely insane weather lately that has led to two weeks of illness, multiple doctor’s visits, and confusion over just what the hell season is it, anyway?  (The answer to that, by the way, appears to be “tornado season.”  😦 )  It has just not been anything remotely approaching an atmosphere amenable to writing decent posts.

The Munchkin is growing by leaps and bounds.  It’s absolutely incredible sometimes when I stop to think about it.  But mostly we’re too busy experimenting with new foods — Cincinnati-style chili, meatloaf, and broccoli are all favorites — and battling the evils of teething and diaper changes.  Oh, and trying to find new ways to keep him out of the cat food.  An improvement over cat poop, but still…

On my part, I’m trying to get myself healthy and comfortable with new habits so I can set a good example.  To further this, I took a day off work to go to the doctor and dentist, where I discovered I had a sinus infection and an abscessed wisdom tooth.  I now have antibiotics, a steroid shot in me, and an appointment with an oral surgeon to see about getting my stupid wisdom teeth out.  *headdesk*  My mother, in the meantime, has the Munchkin for a couple of nights to facilitate my infection recovery.

I’ll be glad when it’s all over so I can concentrate on getting ready for the Munchkin’s birthday party next month.  I can’t believe he’s almost a year old already!


That’s what the Munchkin has become: some kind of enormous, mutant baby monster rampaging unsteadily through the house.  I shudder to think how bad it’ll be once he’s walking on his own instead of lurching around grabbing onto everything and shuffling along sideways.  *grins*

The little guy had his 9 month appointment this week.  He clocked in at 28 inches long and 22 very solid pounds.  That’s as much as our friend’s two-year-old weighs.  *facepalm*  Poor thing had some blood taken from his finger and had to pee into a bag so some lab work could be done; hopefully that will all come back clean, especially now that we’ve finally got him healthy (for the time being).

We also get to start weaning him off formula and onto whole milk and real food.  I just felt like it was a step in the right direction that he’s eaten baby foods with meat in them the last two nights.  And some tiny bits of spaghetti, with sauce and without, from my plate and his tray tonight.  We’re going to get there, slowly but surely, which is good, since the price of formula jumped four dollars a can about a month ago, and we had been up to almost two a week.

Now I just guess I’m going to have to get used to cooking for one and a half most nights…

Om nom nom!

We’re starting fruits and vegetables this week!  I may be inordinately excited by this, if only because it means playing around with stuff that tastes better than rice cereal.

For most of this week, we’re exploring the world of bananas.  (Mostly because I already had bananas pureed, we only have enough for pretty much one day each of the prepackaged stuff — bananas, apples, and squash — and I’m too cheap to go buy more of it.)  Even though they came out of the freezer a rather gross brown color, my banana cubes’ flavor was still tasty, and he seemed to approve.

This looks vaguely like the stuff I left you in my diaper earlier...

Ummmm, nom nom?

Judging by the pretty small amount he got all over himself and the much larger amount he actually ate, I think he liked it.  Now we just have to get up to two servings a day, and then we’re swapping over to apples.

The supposed upside to four solid-ish meals plus bottles a day is that we should be able to get him off his middle-of-the-night bottle.  That would mean sleeping through the night.  After the battle to get him to sleep and to get him to stay asleep lately, I’ll drink (heavily) to that!  Tonight I ended up stepping out and letting him cry when he wouldn’t settle for me to read to him or sing to him.  I felt like the worst person, but he had conked himself in less than ten minutes.

(I still feel like a tool, though.)

In other news, he weighed in at 18 pounds, 11 ounces and measured 27 inches at the doctor’s office yesterday.  I knew he was a chunker, but holy cow!  😀

The end is near

Gah, I should have done more walking throughout this pregnancy!  I was out at the mall tonight one last time before the Munchkin gets here, wandering around, and I felt like my hips were going to dislocate.  Getting my feet up on the couch just now was an exercise in way too much work.  This round ligament pain is ridiculous.

Fortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible.  At the doctor’s appointment today, we decided to go ahead and induce on Tuesday.  I’ve dropped a pound of weight this week somehow, but I’m a full 3 centimeters and a bit dilated and quite effaced.  (He’s eating my brain, apparently, because I can’t remember how effaced she said I am.)  My blood pressure was also down pretty far this morning; it’s normally nicely healthy, but this was considerably lower than normal.

The doctor gave us the option not to induce, to induce on Tuesday, or to induce on Thursday.  Given that I haven’t slept in a couple of days and the back labor at night is getting worse, I honestly don’t think I could make it all the way to the end.  It makes me feel kind of like a tool, taking the easy way out, but I’m just not up for a prolonged period of painful sleeplessness that’s going to be followed by a very prolonged period of sleeplessness.

I am glad that we opted for Tuesday, though.  I wasn’t thinking about the dates, but Thursday is my mom’s birthday.  She’s been pushing hard for him to be born on her birthday, but he deserves to have his own day.  Plus she really kind of annoyed me this afternoon when I was talking about having an epidural — “I could never do that to you guys” was her exact quote, I believe.  Hooray, pain-relief guilt trip!  *rolls eyes*

Maybe I should be grateful that this is the worst guilt trip I’ve gotten about anything thus far during the pregnancy.

After much debating (okay, so mostly after much procrastinating and then rapid scanning of my insurance’s website), I think we’ve found a pediatrician.  I think he might be the youngest one in town, but all that means is that he graduated med school after 1990, pretty much.  😛  I had been looking at practices closer to my office but ended up branching out to a practice down by the hospital; it’ll ultimately be closer to the shop for Southern Honey, and basically all the doctors are covered under our insurance, unlike the practices out by my office.  Whoever there we end up going with, we have an appointment with our first choice next week, if I make it that long.

We also went to my 37-week appointment today.  Blood pressure is still healthy, although it’s up a bit (not surprising, as today was stupidly stressful at work), and the Munchkin’s heartbeat is good.  Then came the internal exam.

Now, I love my OB, but she does not have the gentlest hands ever.  That and I tend toward tenderness in that particular area.  Not the best combination ever, but I put up with it because I like everything else about her, especially her straightforwardness and bedside manner.

So internal exams are rapidly becoming Not My Favorite Thing Ever.  Just like last time, I about came up off the table while she was rooting around in there — I just held tight to both sides of the exam table.  Mostly it’s uncomfortable, which I can deal with, but checking to see how dilated I am, she gave a couple of really good pokes and prods that just plain hurt.

Okay, whining over.  I’m close to three centimeters dilated and between 70% and 80% effaced as of today.  As she said, apparently that back labor paid off last week in progressing things along.  All the poking and prodding definitely brought on more Braxton-Hicks contractions and attempts by the Munchkin to escape, via the approved route this time.  It’s also left me decidedly un-hungry, even though I ate lunch something like seven or eight hours ago and know I need to have something.

I think it’s cereal time.

March madness

Normally, that would be the prelude to a basketball-related entry.  Sadly, this year I just don’t have the energy.

I don’t have the energy for much of anything right at the moment.  I summoned enough to be useful down at the shop tonight for a while — and discovered that wiring up a thermostat is really, really easy — but then I came home to curl up on the couch in the hopes of reducing the size of my mutant sausage feet.  Which is kind of working.  I just can’t get comfortable in any position for an extended period of time.

Doctor’s appointment today went well.  She was concerned about how swollen the mutant sausage feet are, but my blood pressure is still good, and they mostly go back down overnight, so we’re just going to keep an eye on it.  We’re also mostly done with Kidney Watch 2011 — no more ultrasounds for the pregnancy, just the likelihood of one after he’s born at the ped’s orders to make sure the issue really has fully cleared up.  I gained a pound this week, putting me at 154, or about a  22-pound gain overall for the pregnancy.  I can live with that.

I’m tempted to just crash here on the couch for the night in hopes of being able to get more comfortable and keep my feet elevated.  But maybe I’ll drag myself off to the bedroom.  It’s not like I don’t have to get up and pee again…

You can both kiss my flat, pregnant butt.  There was totally no reason to kick in during my massage yesterday.  Neither was it necessary to make yourselves felt at random moments in the car on the drive down to Music City.  Or during our very nice dinner at Ruth’s Chris.  It’s just rude!

I’ll let the occasional twinge from this evening go, I suppose, since you’re visiting in preparation for labor and all that, but you really do make it difficult to do things like sew or fold clothes when I’m just trying to breathe.  *looks around shiftily*  Bastards.

Yesterday was exceedingly busy.  I’m up to weekly doctor’s visits now, complete with internal exam.  At the tail end of 35 weeks, I was 1 cm dilated and about 50% effaced.  Needless to say, the Munchkin did not appreciate the necessary poking and prodding required to determine said dilation and effacement, and he let me know about it in his usual inimitable fashion.  Then it was back to work for most of the day before heading off for my prenatal massage.  Which was possibly the best thing ever, by the way.

We followed that up with the drive down to Music City and the adventure that was trying to figure out how to get to the hotel (thanks, one-way streets!) and a late dinner.  At long last, completely stuffed and exhausted, we crashed out for the night.

The really sad thing?  It was only that busy because of our own decisions and the fact that every time I turn around, Southern Honey gets scheduled for yet another shift at work, narrowing our us-time — not to mention time to finish the nursery! — essentially to zil.

33 weeks down

Seven or so to go.  There’s a lot to get done and not a lot of time to do it all in, especially since it looks as though the business venture will be open shortly after the Munchkin makes his debut.

Our 33 week appointment with the OB went well on Thursday.  The swelling in one kidney is down a bit, although it’s up a bit in the other, but neither is in the “let’s get worried” zone.  We’ll have one more ultrasound, at 37 weeks, and then we’ll know whether or not I’ll be induced early.

I put on another two pounds, so I’m moving right along track there.

New project time: I’m making the Munchkin’s mobile.  And no, I haven’t finished hemming the crib blanket, because I am a glutton for punishment.  *headdesk*  But the mobile should be pretty simple.  I’ve traced most of the necessary shapes on foam board, and Southern Honey is going to use the Exacto knife to cut them out for me.  Then I’ll paint them, paint the dowel rods, and use fishing line to tie it all together.

This is roughly what it will look like when it’s done, just in different colors and with a castle at the bottom:

You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!

Fancy-pants wooden mobile

Oh, and I turn 26 in two days.  Yay, me!  Maybe I’ll get a cute shirt while we’re out tomorrow to wear bowling tomorrow night in celebration.

I thought I was over this particular state of blah, but I appear to have had a recent relapse: the smell of cooking meat is suddenly making me ridiculously nauseated.  It makes it quite difficult to enjoy dinner at home these days.  I really, really hope the last ten weeks aren’t going to be all like this.  I’m not sure I could take that again.

Although I will say that Thai food is back on the menu, which makes me happy.  The Munchkin did not appear to be distressed by it on Sunday or today when I had the leftovers at lunch.  And might I just say that curry definitely gets spicier with each passing day?  Because it really, really does.  *laughs*

I never did update after our last doctor’s appointment.  I didn’t gain any more weight for the two weeks.  I passed my one-hour gestational diabetes test from last time around.  The Muchkin’s kidney vessels are more dilated now, but there’s still nothing that can be done before he gets here, so I’m just preparing to be induced a week or so early and hoping that surgery won’t be required when all is said and done.