Our current cast of characters is fairly small, despite our hopes for future expansion.

Southern Sugar — That’s me.  I’m 25, born and bred here in the Bluegrass and damned happy to be back home.  I work for Uncle Sam, pushing paper in a job that’s tons more interesting in real life than in print.  Bookaholic, wannabe writer, black-thumbed gardener, and cat-loving nerd extraordinaire.

Week 11 Belly:

Eh, kinda bumpy

Well, there might be a bump there (I was kinda bumpy before)

Southern Honey — The hubs.  26, going on 27, another Kentucky native, and hopeful future entrepreneur.  He works nights for a local security company.  Movie buff, Magic: The Gathering collector, groundskeeper, and cat-wrangler.

Prometheus and Tesla — The cats — Excuse me, feline overlords.  Being overlords, their jobs consist of imperiously demanding to be adored and reminding us that we have once again neglected to feed them often enough.  Prometheus is the regal, beneficent lord of his domain, while Tesla is the rampant heir-apparent to the throne, spending his days fetching toy mice from wherever we might throw them.  By their powers combined, they are the Captains Chaotic.


The feline overlords, hard at work