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Adopting a dog right now, that is.

Maybe if the Munchkin weren’t teething AND the poor dog didn’t have to be the center of attention at all times AND he weren’t having adjustment/house training issues AND he hadn’t decided to have a go at poor Tesla, we could have made things work.  But it was just too many issues all at once, and since I’m home alone, it wasn’t a situation where I had the necessary time and energy to give him the love he deserved.

So I had to return him to the shelter this morning, but I sent his harness, leash, and toys so that he has a little something ready for him when he finds his forever home.  I still feel like a tool.  :/  But the cats are happy, and it was the most relaxing evening we’ve had in a week — despite the teething.

And seriously, if these teeth don’t break through soon, I might lose it.  His front bottom two are through the gums, but the other two — one bottom and back, one up and back on the opposite side — are being extremely stubborn.  He’s chewing on everything before he’s so miserable.  Poor guy!


Everyone else in the house is asleep.  The Munchkin conked out just before 8, the dog got up on the couch (where he’s not supposed to be, by the way) and zonked about an hour ago, and the cats filtered in to snooze shortly thereafter.  Apparently everyone feels it was quite a long day.

Given the fact that, if it weren’t so daggone close to the end of the day, I would go back and start over, I don’t blame them.  The Munchkin is cutting at least one and probably two more teeth, so he’s been fussy as all get-out.  Then the dog decided that not only do the Munchkin’s shoes make great chew toys, but also that the only place in our entire acre’s worth of property that’s an acceptable dumping ground is the Munchkin’s floor.  Bonus points for the baby Orajel going walkabout just when I needed it.  *headdesk*

On the bright side, Hobby Lobby is  having a big sale on Christmas stuff (when aren’t they, really?), so I think I’m going to get us all new stockings and a new tree skirt.  And, if I can find them, some jingle bells on a strap to hang on the door for the dog to ring when he wants to go outside.

Now, at long last, I’m taking the dog out for one last walk, then I’m going to go crash.

We adopted a dog today.  He’s a four-year-old beagle awaiting a new name and currently snuggling on the couch.  Now we need to fence in the back yard, and I have two children to chase around the house.  I’m fairly certain I have lost my ever-loving mind.

That said, he’s adorable:

El pupus

No, Mom, I sposed to be here. Really.

He hasn’t yet decided to be super-protective of the Munchkin, but he’s only been with us for a few hours now.  Mostly he just ignores the Munchkin or gives me puppy eyes if he can’t get to me for scritches.  Goober.  😀

Dear feline overlords

I know that the strange little human who makes all the funny noises pretty much freaks you out, but he’s a member of the family, just like you are.  That funny squeaking noise he makes is him laughing.  The ear-piercing squawking noise is him being upset because we aren’t attending to his every whim fast enough — kind of like the way you two like to stand on our heads at night if you don’t have enough food or something.

That funny white and green plastic thing you’re laying under?  That’s one of his toys, his walker to be precise.  That means that at some point, I’m going to want to put him in it, and if you’re still lying under it, he’s going to end up standing on you.  So you should probably consider moving.

Also, I know that you know that Southern Honey and I won’t torment you too much when we pet you.  However, the Munchkin is still trying to sort out the whole manual dexterity thing, which means that he’s far more likely to grab you than to pet you.  I’m working to keep him away from you, but you need to be an active participant in this, too.  That means don’t just stand around waiting for me to pet you while you dodge his grubby little fingers.  Unless, of course, you would actually like me to let him grab your ear.  😀


Your devoted food-provider