The weather finally took a turn for the cooler on a weekend we had some time together as a family, so we headed back down to the big city to take another trip to the zoo.  Despite a few hiccups starting out (loaned out a car with our umbrella stroller and his monkey backpack/leash inside), we really had a great time.

One thing I think we’re discovering is the the Munchkin has an affinity for things that swim.  Last time it was the koi; this time it was all the fish and turtles in the indoor exhibit.  He wandered along the tanks, poking but not tapping at the glass, to say hi.  Piranha, chiclids, iguanas, an anaconda… I foresee us having lots of adventures in the future.  😀

What was also hilarious was watching him with the goats in the encounter exhibit.  He acted just like he does with the cats: getting a running start up to them, then stopping abruptly, and patting them while saying, “Hi!”  He tried brushing one of them, but he pretty much just ended up getting more dirt on the poor thing, so we wandered him away and let the goat nap in peace.

All the animals aside, I think his favorite part of the day was after lunch when he got to run around the huge playground.  It’s one of those fantastic wooden contraptions with interior stairs and tunnels going up, down, and around, and he climbed and slid and toddled like a madman.  A very, very short madman, but a madman nonetheless.

I’m glad that fall is right around the corner, because we should be able to get a few more visits in.  I love seeing him discover new animals and have new experiences.