Southern Honey and I are home from the visitation and the funeral, and I think it’s safe to say we’re both exhausted.  The guest bed at my dad’s (fiancee’s) place has more in common with a slab of plywood than a nice, pillowy mattress, and there’s just nothing restful about laying someone to rest.

I will make a small comment on being pregnant on an occasion where you’re re-meeting relatives for the first time in years, though.  Never have I felt more like communal property than every time my dad introduced me to someone, always with the add-on that there’s his first grandchild on the way.  I was tempted to start introducing myself as the bearer of the Precious, complete with Gollum voice, just to get it over with.

But I withstood the temptation and spent some time standing with my grandfather — one of my younger cousins had been taken on the task initially but he really needed a break.  Probably would have been easier if I hadn’t needed to pee what felt like every ten minutes…

Ultimately, though, we all made it through the past two days.  My grandmother will be sorely missed.  Really, she is already.