I think I’m going to take Your Pregnancy Week by Week back to B&N.  I like the format, but I’m not digging the content that much.  Today, for instance, I really didn’t need to read that women who don’t suffer from morning sickness have a much higher rate of miscarriages — and where’s the statistical analysis to back it up?  You can’t throw out a statement like that and not back it up somehow!

Instead, I’ll muddle through with Pregnancy for Dummies and The Girlfriend’s Guide once the former comes in.

I broke the news to my boss this morning, since he’s the one who approves all my leave for doc’s appointments and stuff.  He is extremely supportive — we’ve talked about kids before — and was really excited.  It was kinda hilarious.  I’ve got a massive caseload right now, so he told me if it gets to be too much to let him know.  I don’t see any reason why it would get out of hand right now (sort of an “if I could survive the last month, I don’t think there’s anything the job could throw at me that would be worse [except child porn]” thing), but it is nice to know that he’s aware of the fact that my stress level may go through the roof.  (Although I keep going back to the whole “if I could survive July” thing… I don’t know how we managed to find time to see each other, much less make a baby, I was at the office so much.)

And in completely unrelated news, Tesla is SuperKitty.  He’s our insect hunter, the fierce one, which is ironic given the way he runs and hides when strangers visit.  Anyway, tonight he was bouncing around on the climbing tower, which is less than four feet high.  The next thing I know, he’s done this flying leap up to the ceiling in search of a bug and fallen back down to the floor.  A ten-foot drop.  From which he recovered nicely and bounded right back up to the top of the tower, determined to catch his prey.  I wish I’d been video taping the whole thing, but it caught me completely off guard.  (He’s still hunting as I type; at least he’s stopped with the Siamese/Burmese chattering, yowling vocalizations!)