One thing I’ve noticed in my search for pregnancy books is that there aren’t a lot of books targeting dads.  I think that’s unfortunate.  I mean, these are the fathers of our kids, the men without whom pregnancy wouldn’t be possible, and the ones who will get to endure the next forty-ish weeks of us.  So what resources are out  there for them on what to expect?

I mean, sometimes I get the feeling I’m the only one steering this ship because I’m the only one who has any idea what’s going on biologically.  He’s just like, “Oh, sex?  I’m down with that,” and then moves on.  😀  Then he comes to me wanting to know if I want him to read anything.  Ummmmm, as much as I love Pregnancy for Dummies, I’m afraid if I had him read any of that, he’d run screaming for the hills and never come near me again.  And that goes double for The Girlfriends’ Guide.

Worse, I can’t just turn him loose on the internet.  Who knows what he’d find?  He might come to me saying that we have to use the Flying Monkey position every other day for six months or telling me that I can only eat organic foods at prescribed times during the day or start sacrificing goats in the kitchen or something.  (The internet is a scary place.)

All of which is a long-winded way of asking what books or sites would you recommend for a first-time (potential) dad-to-be who is married to a somewhat (HA!) neurotic and obsessed-with-research woman to help him cope with the fact that the neurosis might just get worse and help him figure out what the hell I’m striving not to talk about when I scrupulously avoid mentioning abbreviations like DPO and LMP — which, might I add, I had to look up after lurking a few forums?